Venture into Formative Assessments (Educause Conference)

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The time-saving formative assessment tool created to support your classroom and online learning!

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to build customized formative assessments aligned to your learning standards to provide effective and efficient testing and performance analysis for your online learners.

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By building your assessments in Venture, you can easily publish online learning activities that emphasize the learning standards most relevant to your learners. You provide the feedback that allows them to learn while they are testing, while they are at home or in a remote learning setting.

A variety of rich question types, including technology enhanced items, offer your students the opportunity to develop higher-order skills than just memorization. Analysis, decision-making, and critical thinking skills can all be assessed using a wide array of content types!

Venture provides an easy-to-use model for rostering your class

Within minutes of signing up you can set up your class and administer a formative test! No need to install additional software or create time-consuming upload files.

Venture will work on any platform. Assignments can be instantly integrated with your classroom Learning Management system.


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