For Teachers

  • Venture is the ideal classroom tool for assessing your students' performance on the NGSS standards. 
  • Venture works on all platforms and most learning management systems
  • No installation or uploading is necessary
  • Venture provides instant feedback on student assessments
  • Venture includes easy to read reports that makes it easy to identify learning gaps
  • Venture includes a pre-made assessment library with over 600 NGSS aligned items
  • Teachers can create their own assessments and test questions

For Students

  • Venture is the perfect formative tool to give your students access and practice with NGSS content
  • Venture is accessible on most devices and can be easily used at both home and school.
  • Students can check their answers and receive hints and suggestions for support
  • Multiple test item types, including technology enhanced items, are included
  • Venture provides practice opportunities for high stakes state tests